university librarian rationale


I’m open to pursuing many paths that a degree in library and information science would lead me down.  But since we have to interview many types of librarians, I’m looking at the list of WOU librarians to narrow it down for my own personal interests.  Which areas I would be most interesting in specializing in.

Mrs. Scharn. Instruction being a thing I’m interested in.  She’s also focused in on psychology (my minor), criminal justice/legal studies (an area I find interesting, though don’t really know a lot about save procedure from high school mock trial), sociology (an area I find interesting), and then COM 111, WR 115, and 135.  Which are classes everyone has to take.  I didn’t particularly go ape for them, but I enjoy the rest and would be interested in those specialties in theory.

Your specialties, Janeanne, are objectively interesting to me, though I know we can’t interview you.  Humanities, gender studies, film studies?  Those are all things that gets my attention.

Mrs. Lincicum, with specialties in creative arts, business, and economics.  The first catches my eye; the second two make me sigh a bit.  But I’d be willing to learn if that’s how liaison positions typically align.

Essentially, university librarianship seems to be a balancing act.



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