someone else’s blog: Annoyed Librarian


I came across the link to this via another, now seemingly inactive blog (Lipstick Librarian).  I’ve only read some of the more recent posts on this blog, the Annoyed Librarian, but it’s honestly unnerving me.  The author is sarcastic towards other librarian bloggers, towards people who work in libraries, people who discuss librarians; basically, nobody who has ever touched a library or discussed one on the internet is safe.

His April 9 post is titled “What Explains the Trashers?” and he uses it to analyze librarians who complain about library work.  As he eventually says, “It turns out a lot of library work isn’t any more inspiring than being a supermarket clerk.”  And that’s fairly disheartening.  According to him, most of the librarians who hate on library work “were the most idealistic” about the noble profession, yet “find themselves amidst mediocre indifference” and perhaps “want to blame anyone but themselves for their professional unhappiness.”

Now, I have hilariously little personal experience with the working world.  I’ve had exactly one real job, as a teaching assistant at a kids’ theatre camp.  I was very “idealistic” about this job, and yes, I did find my coworkers drowning in “mediocre indifference” sometimes.  Isn’t that how any job works?  Isn’t that something not worthy of sarcasm, but merely acceptance?  It would seem that if you were frustrated, sure, you could vent about it, but then you could at least try to find ways to improve the situation or accept the situation, either way.  It’s almost unfair of the blogger to criticize librarians specifically, since this description could be applied, I would think, to anyone.

The April 16 post is titled “What are the Real Librarian Stereotypes?”  It’s less of an article and more of a brief mention of a point: librarian stereotypes.  Apparently, journalists and screenwriters both can’t portray librarians accurately, but someone who observed that their doctor was more concerned with a computer than a patron and that seemed like a librarian was spot-on at times.  I don’t doubt that some librarians may be so concerned with technologies that they come across unapproachable, but that also led me to a questioning of this blogger’s view of library technology.  There haven’t been things said in his posts that outwardly disparage the use of technology in libraries, but he seems, again, sarcastic about the proposition.

I really can’t tell if the blogger thinks that abrasive attitude is a form of humor (kind of a grumpy man kind of thing) or if he’s really and truly annoyed.  It’s somewhat perplexing, and it gives him a really serious bias in his work.  I feel I have to take all of this with a grain of salt, but it’s certainly an interesting, almost pessimistic, perspective.


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