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Found through a link on the Embedded Librarian, and this is regarding a survey that they did regarding embedded librarians.

Embedded librarians are defined by, well, that blog here.  It seems to pertain to what someone does in the library and in the community at large, though the duties seem to be variable.  It’s simply a term used for librarians in any field who fill certain roles.  Librarians working in nonlibrary settings, things like that.

Apparently, embedded librarians are not found at all of the “firms participating in the survey,” but they are going to be added into more departments, theoretically.  Embedded librarians seem to help the firms they serve; according to the charts, their responsibilities include:

  • “research
  • analysis/summarization of research findings
  • development of or contribution to current awareness streams
  • research project management
  • cost effective research education
  • product assessment and recommendation”

and other sundries.  The benefits include:

  • “relationship-building with designated service areas
  • ability to cross-train specialties within library staff
  • understanding of the business of service area
  • understanding of research needs of service area
  • understanding of how research products support service area
  • ability to coordinate and manage research demands in designated service
  • a higher profile or recommendation in your firm”

and other sundries.

Essentially, embedded librarians are people who get librarian business done for other businesses.  They support a lot of departments, they both are and are not tied to actual libraries, and are found in or theoretically found in almost half of all businesses.

In short, this appears to be another viable potential thing to do with an MLS, and that’s exciting.


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