rural libraries and things


Obviously, Salem is not a rural area, and the Salem Public Library is not a rural library, but I still recognized some of the outreach tactics discussed in the article from my discussion with Ann.  Reaching out to “special populations such as ethnic minorities, disabled persons, the elderly, and children,” as the article on rural libraries stated, was something  we talked about in detail; special programs, involving children in literacy, and bookmobiles all came up.

The discussions of language maintenance were interesting.  I hadn’t really done a lot of looking into the subject one way or the other in the past, but I see how such things are important, definitely.

The mentions of “cybermobiles” or “mobile electronic libraries” were also very welcome.  I really do like the idea of those.  I think that programs like that, while sometimes difficult because of funding and resources and things, are very vital in maintaining the library’s place in society.  Libraries exist so that programs like this can exist, giving knowledge to anyone who needs it.


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