yet more tech ranting


Any article that includes the phrase “restore our relevance” in reference to libraries is going to be depressing.  I don’t even know if I have words for that feature, not really.

But then that little side of me that starts to feel like a Luddite after reading things like that has to be calmed down by the reading of other things.  Integration of the tech, that’s the way!  The technologies described in the Horizon Report are nothing new to me, and their integration is nothing new to me, but it’s still nice to see someone discussing all of the ways in which these can be utilized.

It’s still weird to me that Twitter can be considered a “learning tool.”  The only things I’ve learned from Twitter are which of my favorite celebrities hang out with each other in their spare time or which of my favorite celebrities approve of which television programs that I also happen to love.  YouTube makes sense, Google Docs makes sense, WordPress obviously makes sense, Blogspot makes sense, really Google anythings make sense.  Facebook?  Less so.  Again, all I really learn from Facebook is which of my high school acquaintances has gotten pregnant recently.  But I can understand how things like Twitter and Facebook would be potentially utilizable.

I would think that iTunes and things such as that would actually be more useful; podcasts, for example, are pretty straightforwardly utilizable.  Certainly more utilizable in my mind than Twitter, but hey.

The article on the modern learning commons is interesting too.  It’s showing people working together to pool knowledge; “the learning commons brings together the functions of libraries, labs, lounges, and seminar areas in a single community gathering place,” it says.  “An ideal venue to blend face-to-face with virtual meetings,” it says.  That sounds like integration at its finest right there.


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