someone else’s blog: The Note on my Door


Namely, a post about “counterintuitive digital media assignments.”  Here’s a different take on the digital divide: the divide between this generation and their willingness to “just Google it” and the wealth of information available in more old-fashioned ways if you only just look.

The information in the article didn’t surprise me. Young people don’t like to have to use hard copies they can’t look up online.  Surprise surprise.

Reading the commentary by students subjected to this made me a little sad (“this process made me feel like I was a cave man,” “I thought this seemed crazy”) but in a way I could have predicted.

Apparently even one of the librarians who was asked for help “laughed out loud” at the assignment, but the students came away from it “amazed with what our libraries offer.”  People were using the library to its fullest extent.  People were realizing that they themselves didn’t know everything and could stand to ask for help.

See, libraries are useful!!  We need them!!  This is just further proof.


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