regarding the JSTOR Production Workflow chart


You know, this one.

So I’m just going to go number by number on this one, I think.

  1. Valid and useful.
  2. Okay, that makes sense.  That sounds very detailed and kind of fun in a weird way.
  3. Somewhere in here is the acquisition process, which I know from my interviews is more difficult with less funding, as is the case nowadays, but this looks more like an article about what to do with what you have, not how to get it, so that’s not necessarily the focus.  I’m enjoying all of the military and athletics metaphors for the little basically-stick-people working in the library.
  4. Quality assessment.  Do they fix what they can or just make note of it?
  5. I… really would enjoy doing this step, I think.  For all of the previously mentioned reasons.
  6. Useful, yes.  This is not necessarily the job of the librarian.
  7. This involves the librarians, though.
  8. And now I see where JSTOR comes in.  There are a lot of steps leading up to them.
  9. Production technicians.  That sounds sort of fun too.
  10. I just want to catalog all the library books.  These stick figures are confirming my feelings.
  11. I also love how many rounds of testing are involved in this.  Double triple checking things makes me happy.

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