someone else’s blog: Librarian Avengers


I admit it, I clicked on this blog because of the title.  I am shameless.

The post in question, one from 2006, is a quiz entitled “Am I Geeky enough to be a Librarian?”  It’s just a series of 20 yes or no questions, so I’ll just go question by question.  I understand that it’s humor, but it’s my kind of humor.

  • 1. I enjoy acronyms.  Yes.
  • 2. I own a cat. Yes.  Two of them, and do I get extra geek points for having them named for characters on a long-cancelled space western television show?
  • 3. When confronted with a pile of books I think “Hmm…first I would sort by author, then by title?  Yes.  And then I debate with myself about whether trilogies should be order-sorted or still alphabetical.
  • 4. I am obsessive enough to appreciate the difference between 345.065 and 345.605. In theory, yes.
  • 5. I possess a useless undergraduate degree.  Not yet.
  • 6. Being surrounded by books makes me lather with delight. Yes.  I was at Powell’s this weekend and had to forcibly remove myself so I didn’t spend all of my money.
  • 7. The idea of someone preventing me from reading Orwell because they don’t like it strikes me as Orwellian. Yes.
  • 8. I am comfortable with the Internets. Yes.
  • 9. If my house caught on fire, one of the things I would grab is my favorite book. Maybe.  Laptop first, though.
  • 10. I possess a useless graduate degree.  No.
  • 11. I can daisy-chain a herd of Ubuntu boxes faster than you can say FreeBSD.  Not yet?
  • 12. These kids today. I swear. If they would just read a damn book once in awhile, they wouldn’t be blowing each other up so much. Glib, but yes.
  • 13. I could find out the middle name of your high school boyfriend with just ten minutes on the Internet. Probably.
  • 14. I could find out the first line of A Tale of Two Cities with just ten seconds on the Internet. Yes.
  • 15. I know the first line of A Tale of Two Cities. Yes.
  • 16. I am a disenfranchised intellectual.  Something like it.
  • 17. The idea of arming the public with knowledge appeals to me more than, say, arming them with pitchforks and torches. Yes.
  • 18. I would rather do something cool than get rich. Yes.  Easily.
  • 19. I possess a useless doctoral degree.  No.
  • 20. I can say “Colon classification” without laughing.  Yes.  A week does not go by without my mentioning colon or semicolons in casual conversation.

So, taking the conditional answers into effect, 15-17 points.

10-15 = I’ve got some library school applications under my desk you big dork

15-20 = Quit your job immediately! Grab the nearest child and teach him to read! Oh, and start stocking up on acid-free paper.”

Sounds about right.


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