a reflection on mutual librarianship


Or library teamwork.

It’s easy to think of librarianship as a solitary profession, it’s often seen that way in media: the librarian shelves alone, the librarian checks books out to patrons alone except for the patrons, the librarian researches alone.  But there’s teamwork in librarianship.  Not enough teamwork that the introvert in me runs screaming, no.  But enough teamwork that it doesn’t seem lonely.

That was the nicest thing about attending the librarian meeting today.  Everyone is amiable, everyone is working together.  My only real job was in a team context like this, but it wasn’t so much a team in reality as it was half of the people giving effort and half of the people skating along.  That’s tiring and why I generally don’t like team projects.  Librarianship teams seem, from what little I have observed through the meeting and through interviews, much more pleasant.

This is really just a short observation.  There’s nothing radical about it, nothing revolutionary or shocking, it just is what it is.  It’s a nice idea to hold onto, I think, and one to aspire to finding in my future career.


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