and more regarding Librarian in Black and also about ebooks


Addressing an issue I discussed yesterday, and with what is possibly my favorite post title that I’ve come across: “Notice to publishers: curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.”

As of February of this year, five publishing houses were not licensing to libraries; Macmillan and Simon & Schuster, which I reported yesterday, Penguin Group, Brilliance Audio, and Hachette Book Group, which I read yesterday would only license back catalog and was considering the rest but to no official end.

But I think this small post made a very good point.  “Walking away from the library eBook market makes no financial long-term sense, nor does it continue the positive relationship that publishers and libraries have cultivated for centuries to help bring information and entertainment to people,” she said.  Libraries are about books, and eventually, the difference between ebooks and book-books should not be philosophically different.

” I think it’s about damn time we, as library professionals, started getting the public riled up about this too,” she wrote.  And I agree.  Ebooks make me a little twitchy still, but that’s a personal weirdness (I’m going to be one of those hipsters collecting print books like vinyl records, like Jim suggested) and I seriously understand the importance of this situation changing.

She also mentioned legislation in her post, which had come up in my interview with Jim; the more I think about it, the more sense it makes.  “Fragmentation and exclusionary business practices hurt the people we serve,” the blogger wrote, and I completely understand.

So yes, I’m willing to take this issue to heart and become a book activist.


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