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For my user profile, I spoke to one of the men who works at the hospital library where I volunteer.  The library is part of the larger Community Health Education Center, which services the hospital and the community at large, and he is the Community Education Coordinator.  He isn’t my boss directly, but he works very closely with my boss.  On a more practical front, he is over 60 years of age and therefore decidedly not in my generation.

He’s well-versed in technology, however.  He used computers as early as his college days, although those were the kind with punch cards and terminals.  He mentioned also that he had bought an early version of a laptop, a TRS-80 Model 100, and it was because of his knowledge of this that he actually got the job at the library et al, since they were looking for people with technical experience.  He didn’t have a cell phone for about five years after people started using them, though he did use them in a professional context (with the old cell phones in the suitcases).

Nowadays, he uses technology for work on a daily basis: the work done at the library is almost entirely tied to the computer.  Email, the card catalog, ordering books, scheduling classes, recording time and attendance, and all manner of software (Microsoft Office, though he mentioned that he hates Excel; various library/education-specific technologies; the internet – he uses Google Chrome at home but at the library only Internet Explorer comes as a default and Firefox might be installed if you ask for it).  He uses his cell phone mostly for text messaging and some web browsing, and doesn’t use social media (he had a Myspace, but that’s fallen out of fashion).


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