LS 502; 2


I do a lot of research, often for fun; this sometimes includes spiraling tangents on Wikipedia, going from link to link (my favorite tangent to this day was the one that led from owls to the Biblical Lilith) and gleaning information on various subjects.  But the question of my research is often a basic “can I learn more about this thing?” and not a question of specific aspects of things and possibly how they can be improved.

Yet I also spend a lot of time thinking about how things can be improved.  I know that I’m what is sometimes (perplexingly) disparagingly referred to as an sjw, or “social justice warrior.”  I tend to only discuss racial issues to the extent that I will point you in the right direction to actual POC discussing racial issues; I’m a little white girl, what I have to say about such things is less important than what someone who is actually affected by said issues has to say.  But I’m a queer feminist and I’m sure going to be outspoken about queer and/or feminist issues, whether they pertain to real life or to media and fiction (or how media and fiction pertain to real life, that’s one of my pet issues).

So as I start to construct research questions, yeah, a lot of them are probably going to slide into some of those “niches.”  (It’s weird to think that an entire half of the world’s population, i.e. women, is still in so many circles considered a niche, but there you have it.)  I’m interested in using my powers, i.e. research, for good.  I’m not sure quite how yet, or how that will translate into whatever I end up doing with my degree, but I’ve always liked having lofty goals to shoot for.


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