LS 502; 3


I don’t live in a small town by any means, but I do live in a town where “culture” typically means things that appeal to wealthy, middle-aged-to-old white people and by and large diversity is more of a discussion than an actuality.  All of this is to say that most of my access to actual discussions of anything pertaining to the sorts of culture and diversity that interest and affect me has been found on the internet.  And that is to say that, as research goes, I’m not entirely sure how to connect the things I’m interested in to something that’s tangible to me in my physical location.

As per my postings on the discussion board, I would definitely be interested in seeing how a library can affect or does affect a quote “diverse” population.  I volunteer at a medical library, and we do have a section of the collection devoted to Spanish-language books and there are also educators who either speak Spanish or can call in an interpreter for appointments, but that’s only a fraction of what could be looked at.  I’m curious (for example, I’m sure someone has written a book out there about childrearing in families with LGBTQA* parents, but I’ve never seen it in our library and I’ve never heard anyone asking) and I don’t even know where to start.


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