LS 502; 4


Discussions of ethics as pertain to research feel almost old hat to me.  In high school, I did mock trial, and although I was a witness and not a lawyer (it was originally an activity I chose as a way to get the sort of starring roles I never got in school plays because I couldn’t sing and didn’t look an ingenue and whatever else, and besides that intense arguing makes me nervous) I picked up a fair amount from the case studies we read and discussions of legal theories we had.  In college, I was a psychology minor (or rather, it was easier to describe myself that way than to explain the truth of it, which was that I did an interdisciplinary studies degree and psychology was one of my focus areas) and so I read goodness knows how many horror stories about experiments gone wrong, watched grainy videos to the same effect, and —

Well, I’m not entirely sure where this is going.  I think it actually might be an affirmation of how much I like it when my studies and interests collide.  Because it’s not like I ever thought that improperly conducted experiments were cool (while psychology is the closest my brain gets to really comprehending proper sciences, I respect them and the methodology very much) so it’s not like I particularly had to learn a lesson from studying the same sorts of things so many times.

I’m currently conducting a social experiment in my personal life, though not for any purpose other than my own curiosity about the lengths people will go to in order to live in willful self-denial and/or the depth of their obliviousness, but it’s a personal experiment.  It’s not for a paper or a study, and one of the two subjects has already finished and with no hard feelings so I’m not terribly worried, but it is interesting, considering the framework of these things.  I’m not really sure what that has to do with any of this either, but it seemed like a good thing to mention just for mentioning’s sake.

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