LS 502; 6


People say sometimes that librarians are unnecessary because we have the internet.  Even my own father initially questioned the validity of my chosen career path, worrying about that being true.

But the longer I spend volunteering in a library, the more I see that that simply isn’t true.  Librarians can gatekeep information, librarians can amass information, librarians probably know how to look for what you’re looking for better than you’re looking for it.  One of the things I do at the library is manage ILLs and that, that’s something that people would have no access to without a library.  But it’s so miraculous and practical!  By subscribing to the sharing system (we use Docline) we don’t have to subscribe to every journal that someone might want things from.  That would be exorbitantly expensive.  We can instead put out a call and have it sent our way, and do the reverse for others in need.  It’s really very beautiful.

And research!  So many people email our librarian asking for help narrowing down information on a topic, or conversely finding information on a very specific, difficult-to-find topic.  The library is a resource.

This is my pointless evangelizing after getting home from an afternoon of volunteering.  It always excites me.


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