LS 502; 7


So I’ve got my research topic narrowed.  LGBTQA materials in youth-focused library collections.  But so far, mostly what it’s done is make me sad.  I didn’t deal with this personally, because I didn’t come into seeking such materials myself until my twenties (though I did celebrate it when I found it in fiction, particularly pertaining to women, which leads me to wonder exactly how I didn’t figure myself out for so long), but reading about young adults that starved for content and acceptance, and how one informs the other, is heartwrenching.

It’s interesting; in my small corner of nerdy intersectional tumblr feminists, not being some stripe of queer is actually the exception to the rule.  Most of us are somewhere on the biromantic/bisexual and/or aromantic/asexual spectrums, and hearing the sorts of experiences others have had is actually a really strong motivator for me: media, in part books and online resources, has played a large part in a lot of people’s self-acceptance/self-awareness/whatever the thing.  Some of my people had fairly conservative upbringings and didn’t really have familial support regarding LGBTQA issues, so it’s so powerful to me that there might be these alternative ways for kids to get that.

And I guess that’s sort of my problem statement as well as my mission statement.  I want to look at how this is handled in various libraries, and I want to make it a point to help it be handled better in the future.

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