LS 502; 8


I guess the reason I decided to think about this for a potential research project is my volunteer job. I’m at a medical library, and granted, it’s a medical library in a fairly safe sort of town, but it occurred to me the other day. A large number of our patrons come in looking for literature about pregnancy, diabetes, or pregnancy diabetes (which I’ve learned is a separate thing, sort of) so a lot of our literature is on that, but we have reasonable collections of other sorts. General nutrition, a variety of cancers and other diseases, books about men’s health and women’s health and babies’ health and children’s health and teens’ health and health for different ethnic groups. I have prowled our stacks but I cannot for the life of me think if I’ve ever seen a book that specifically addresses health concerns that might be specific to the LGBTQA* community. Which seems really weird, because there are specific concerns. Mental health, for one (and some of the mental health books might address this in chapters, but not exclusively). I’m not sure if Salem, Oregon has a large population with HIV/AIDS, but I don’t know if we have any books about that. It’s just weird, and maybe it’s because we cater to our potential patrons, but it’s not like there aren’t LGBTQA* people everywhere, even if the community is more conservative (which ours really isn’t, in particular; there are pockets, but the hospital itself is on the outskirts of a very liberal neighborhood) and it’s not like they might not need medical literature too. A


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