LS 502; 16


When I was in undergraduate, my dad suggested I get a job at the university library.  He also suggested I become a high school teacher (“you like books!” and “you can have summers off!” were his reasons, despite the fact that liking books is actually one of the worst reasons I can think of to be an English teacher [one, I think I liked maybe three books I read in English classes, two, I’d get tired of teaching them over and over, three, I’d get tired of trying to make unwilling kids enthusiastic] and summers off, according to basically every teacher I’ve spoken to, are something of a myth) so at first I sort of sighed about this suggestion, but then I thought about it.

(I also declared that if I was going to work at a library, I was going to start wearing my glasses on a chain.  I didn’t get the job at the library, because they preferred to hire freshmen because of all of the training they’d have to go through, but I did start doing that.  It’s actually the most practical thing ever, in addition to being aesthetically appropriate.)

But once I decided I wanted to be an actual librarian, he was immediately full of questions and doubts.  I think this is why the “but libraries are dying” thing annoys me in part.  He said “do the research and prove to me it’s viable.”  So I did.  Research is powerful.

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