LS 502; 21


I’ve noticed something about people who like to organize information and do so not just for academic or professional reasons but in their personal life.  There tends to be a sort of Highlander mentality, that there can be only one (person who does the organizing in a group).  I had a group of friends in high school, and while I’m not horrible at making plans and I’m very selectively organized (color coding, categorizing, alphabetizing, other things that are more pertinent to library sciences etcetera) I was not The Planner, that was one of my close friends.  When we had breaks from school, she would plan activities for every single day and plan them within an inch of their metaphorical life, and it never went off particularly well but she didn’t let other people do that, she was The Planner.

As I’ve grown up into someone who’s good at organizing, better than most people I know, I’ve realized how problematic it can be to know designated Planners when you yourself are something of a planner.  Library science-type skills are about the only thing I have to offer to group dynamics sometimes, but when someone else is already The Planner, it can be, let’s say, difficult to utilize said skills without getting antagonized.

I bring this up because it has happened recently and because good grief i hope this isn’t the case in professional environments.


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