LS 502; 22


So I’ve been working at an accounting firm during tax season, and it’s made me realize that objectively, a lot of administrative work is kind of baseline-information science, there’s a lot of database use and organization (and the more mundane things that get passed my way, i.e. filing and scanning and mail) and the like.  But it’s also made me realize that tech people in businesses are kind of like Planners in that they seem to be either unaware of the fact that other people can know things or convinced that they alone can be the arbiter of information.  One of the guys in particular seems shocked that I even know how to type (“do you know how to use the ten-key?”) and it’s made me realize another thing about how I want to exist in the workplace, which is to say, not being a jerk and being interested in other people’s experiences, not just assuming that they don’t have any.


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