article response #1


Thank goodness for Bonnie J M Swoger.

This piece is a succinct and also humorous description of metadata that makes it readily apparent that metadata is not some new, untouchable thing.  Metadata is that page that’s in the front or the back of the book (I always used to like to find those because the one-sentence summaries of plots, even those for children’s books – I especially remember doing this in my Dear America books – are always woefully but understandably understated) and metadata is, like I like to tell my friends, how we of the internet make our stuff findable.  (See also, yesterday’s defensive metadata strategies.  I will clarify that this is not a concept I picked up anywhere else, in the terms I used, but more one that has sort of a home-grown quality that I’m wondering if other people are aware of.)

And making the article dryly funny, referential, makes it more memorable and also more understandable for non-library science folks.  And that’s what’s really important, I think.  People that aren’t just our people should be aware of this.


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