Article Response #3


My response to this article is honestly mostly incoherent noises of longing.  I am the kind of nerd who loves doing things like this.  Tumblr tagging is a pastime of mine that I’ve mentioned before and that I have been complimented on by friends of friends: a typical fandom post of mine will be tagged with character name[s], actor name[s], canon name[s], overarching universe[s] featured, post type, series of the post if relevant, and at least a few arbitrary personal categories.  I have devoted entire nights to subcategorizing Tumblr posts, or subcategorizing lists of works (how many books on the list are written by female authors of color? etc.), or making giant, essentially pointless charts of relationships between things and categories (my project of the moment is a diagram of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and organizations/groups they are affiliated with) because it’s just fun.

All of this is to say that reading about data wrangling gives me a weird little glimmer of hope.  Somewhere out there is a job for me that might actually be perfect.


2 thoughts on “Article Response #3

  1. If you love social tagging, you might find this article interesting: It is about how tagging by individuals at particular social events can be linked to other profiles in other cultural heritage institutions to create a personalized experience when visiting other cultural heritage institutions. The article is from an international perspective and specific to one type of cultural museum, but I thought it might give you even more hope that jobs devoted to using social tagging for enhanced experiences in other information systems is out there! (I also have blogged about this article if you want to look at the synopsis before digging deeper.)

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