the Dublin Core and Tumblr


dublin core

  1. Title (this case the bolded post title)
  2. Creator (this would be searchable sitewide by my username)
  3. Subject (in this case the character name tags, the canon tag, the relationship tags)
  4. Description
  5. Publisher (this would be searchable on the web at large by searching username + Tumblr)
  6. Contributor (this is how I would reference either the content of the post – in this case, mcu, whedonverse; in others, specific creator names – or coauthors – other Tumblr users, usually)
  7. Date (6 days ago – a built in mechanism)
  8. Type (in this case, mculadiesweek: the type here, which is a hyperlink in the title, represents the weeklong sitewide organization)
  9. Format (in this case, graphics tag)
  10. Identifier (in this case, made by moi, girlcrushes, geek heroines, etcetera)
  11. Source (see below)
  12. Language (I know that I have multilingual friends who tag non-English posts with the language they’re in)
  13. Relation (see the above mention of hyperlink in the group title, as well as its relevant tag)
  14. Coverage (in this case, the tagged canon; sometimes the tagged seasons or elements of the canon)
  15. Rights

My god I’ve been somewhat using the Dublin Core to tag my Tumblr posts.  Also Tumblr inherently adheres to some of it, some of what is not above (reblogs will link both the original source and the source reblogged from, tags will also show related posts by other users if generally searched, etcetera).  No wonder I’m so fond of select social media.  I can organize the life out of it to professional standarsd

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