on my presentation


Golly gee, but it’s difficult to distill a 100+ page description of a schema into a 4 minute presentation.  A bit less difficult when the bulk of those pages is lists of sub-categories of elements, but even still, there’s the worry of am I including the right information in here? And that’s followed by well, I guess I can just include more.

I am not a micro-writer.  These blog posts are short oftentimes but they are thoughts.  Summarizing entire subjects is not something I do well, so here’s hoping it works out okay.


2 thoughts on “on my presentation

  1. I’m sure you will do fantastic!! I also kept thinking, “Wait, I forgot to mention this or that”, but then there’s nowhere to fit it in and I’m at the time limit when I practice it..

  2. It’s a briefing 🙂

    Remember, too, that your colleagues have an intellectual basis from which to understand what you’re saying, so it’s important to understand your audience. Remember when I spoke of VRA Core in LS 500? I didn’t go through every detail of all of its 26 elements; rather, I just spoke of the 6 top level groupings of elements and mentioned that further detailed elements are available under those categories. In short, I built on what students already knew.

    Don’t stress! Just cover the questions and provide a high-level view. The important thing for the students to know is that there exists other schemas in our world, and through their MLIS education, they can become experts in those schemas by pursuing further study 🙂

    Email me if you have other question .. plus, I can review slides!

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