liveblogging presentations the fifth

  • Embedded metadata in mp3 files!  I’ve tampered with these, too, because standard metadata in mp3 files is not… always specific enough for me.
  • “iTunes does not understand genre” said Liz in the chat.  That is exactly what I was just talking about.
  • Yes, Susie, we all remember the dial-up modem.  It’s not great.
  • This is one of the most useful metadata schemas in “real life” I think.  Non-library-people would relate to this.  That makes it particularly noteworthy.
  • Also I like that there is no controlling party for this, honestly.  I do.  I think for something as changeable as music this makes sense.
  • Because, yes, genre is subjective.  My genres end up being things like Gothic Rock/Cabaret/Steampunk or something ridiculous like that.  (I generally go by Wikipedia genre classifications for artists, if they’re available, and I enter them manually because it’s important to do.)

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