life lessons


As I keep saying, I really like metadata work.

The project would have been actually fun for me… if we got to categorize photographs of our own choosing.  That’s basically, like I’ve said, how I use Tumblr anyway.   The fact that it was football, which I know nearly nothing about, made it a bit more difficult.  Take into consideration my caption “As the play is about to start, Greg McElroy (Quarterback) raises his hands,” for a photo where the teams are lined up to… begin a play? Is that punting? Anyway, and the only identifiable Alabama player is standing there holding both of his hands up like he was just accused of stealing cookies from the baking tray or something – is this a football thing? I just don’t know, and “raises his hands” sounded nicer and was less speculative than “defends himself in an apparent argument.”

But the idea is fun. The work itself is straightforward, except for the part where I was incredibly thick about where to find team rosters.  I would not mind doing this for museums or the like, no I wouldn’t.

I learned from the young adult programming class that I shouldn’t work with young adults. I learned from this class that I’m good with this stuff.  So that’s progress.




I have made about 20 hilarious mistakes indexing.

Or not mistakes, but I haven’t noticed obvious things right away and asked for help, then realized them after and been incredibly humiliated in private.

Public, now.

I guess that’s good practice for the real world, too.

on cataloging football


Dear gracious why did it have to be football

What I know about football plays: “tackle,” “play,” “touchdown.”  These photographs look to me like a bunch of men in sport uniforms running in circles and falling down.

I’d catalog images from Broadway musicals any day.